Our Communities

Vena Energy believes sustainability is about working together with diverse stakeholders for a better world and future. For families in rural communities and small towns where many of our projects are located, Vena Energy’s projects are an opportunity for the next generation to stay and work a job in the place where they grew up.

Wildlife Preservation in Chiayi County, Taiwan

Vena Energy committed significant resources to conduct enhanced impact assessment and mitigation planning for habitats, shorten the construction period so that it would not affect the winter migratory season and reserved an area of approximately 24.1-hectares for the Ecological Conservation Area, so that local wildlife including waterfowls can flourish.

Accessible Medical Care for Rural India

As part of a year-long campaign in 2018, Vena Energy initiated a mobile medical unit that provided weekly curative and preventive services to the villagers near its FTP and JMB wind projects in the city of Dewas, in the state of Madya Pradesh, India. It was implemented with a local NGO, Helpage.

Empowering Future Generations Through Education

Vena Energy funded and commenced the construction of a community kindergarten in 2017 in Jeneponto, and subsequently enrolled its first cadre of 43 students in June 2018. Supported by three teachers and a coordinator, the kindergarten’s mission is to deliver accessible, even free, education to children from families of local farmers and villagers.